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Welcome to the world of time. The oldest literature of the universe, The Veda , insists to perform duties in "time" and the qualities and the properties of that time have been described well in that literature.

Here in this site we have provided the Calendar with the main ingredients of the time according to the luni-solar calendar for the sake of the followers of the oldest literature. The "Tithi" and "Nakshatra" have significant roles in the output of any work and they show different cosmic properties in different times. The logic behind their calculation is very clear and we know well that the practices which we follow today as conventions, have their beginnings some thousands of years back and because of their continuing potential in influencing  the facts, they are still practiced in present times. We hope you will make best use of our efforts and benefit from it.


The data provided for different cities and the time provided there represents the local time according to the GMT. The day light saving(DST) has not been applied to the time and where ever it is required, the users may correct the same for that city. The DST in Canada and US is applicable from March to November.

sun rise and sun set have been provided in Local Time. We received some complaints regarding the sunrise of some western parts of India. The correction of local and standard time will provide the time in IST. >>MORE
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